What can I do to help?

Here is my heart

With so many tragedies in the news today it can be discouraging and overwhelming. First let me say to all who have been affected by the recent natural disasters, my heart and prayers are with you. Like many others I want to help as many families and businesses get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

To all my friends, strategic partners, clients and anyone else who is listening:

When you see the images of devastation and ruin,┬á You may be saying “There are so many problems and so much loss.” Where do we start? What can I do to help? I encourage you to look, see and focus.

Look at the big picture, assess the current situation.

See by faith the future recovery better than it was yesterday. Most importantly

Focus on the first step and then focus on the next.

Ask yourself right now what can I do to help. What can I do to get started. It may be simple, or seem small, but do not minimize the power of one action. If we all do one small thing today and tomorrow… We can and we will make a difference.

I know there are many people who can help with physical rebuilding; churches and faith based organizations that can help with food, shelter and clothing. I am contacting those that I know to see what I can do to help them connect with those in need. I encourage you to do the same.

What are ways you can help? Do you know of people, organizations or resources that can help? Leave a comment here or on my facebook page. You can also email me at Carece@CareceSlaughter.com

If you are one of the many affected my the devastation let me know how I can help. Many blessings as we all work toward recovery and a successful future.

On purpose for His Purpose!


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