It’s All About You

I know when you clicked on the ABOUT tab you were looking for information about ME, Carece Slaughter, and MY business, but it’s not just about me, it’s first about YOU!

It’s all about YOU. YOUR life. YOUR purpose and YOUR business.

I believe you are the expert in your life and work. You have a unique God-given purpose. You are innovative and resourceful. I also believe you were created by a loving God who desires to guide and direct you with discernment, timing and priorities for your daily life and business. My goal is to cooperate with His work in you through a customized coaching program that will provide knowledge and resources to help you develop and implement your personal and business wealth strategies.

I’m glad you are here. This is your site. Your resource, Your place to learn and grow. The time we spend together is about you. Your purpose, your values and your goals. I would love to get to know you, share with you and learn from you, so feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn or get in touch with me through my contact page.

A Little About Me

carece profile compressedcropLike you, I play many roles in this wonderful life. And I have discovered (to my great joy) that who I am is defined as much by my relationships with others as it is by what I do or even my own personality and style.

I am first and foremost an immeasurably blessed child of God. I am a dedicated wife, married to the most amazing man for 35 years (@joeslaughter on Twitter). I am mother of 3 incredible children, 34, 33, & 11 (Yes, I know there is a 22 year gap between the last two.) I’m mother-in-law of a very smart young man and grandmother, of the most beautiful little granddaughter!  I’m the daughter of two wonderful parents. Daughter-in-law of a precious woman, who gave me my very best friend. Sister of 5 unique and remarkable siblings. Aunt to all their wonderful children. Sister-in-law of my husband’s only sister and my siblings’ spouses and a friend of so many fascinating and enriching people.

Along with my husband, Joe, I’m co-founder of New Generation Ministries International, a truly incredible calling. I am founder of Business Women for Success™ a mentorship organization to help women “Share… Encourage… Succeed™” and CHICchat!, a unique Collaborative, Healthy, Informative Community for women. I have the privilege of being an international conference speaker and trainer helping thousands of people discover their true wealth, make right decisions for their business, pursue their goals and face their financial future with confidence.

In addition to all those things I am a Personal Wealth and Business Coach to many highly motivated women and entrepreneurs, helping them create their personal and unique Purpose Directed Wealth Strategies® because wealth is so much more than money!

About Purpose Directed Wealth Strategies®

In the 30+ years of experience in corporate, small-business and non-profit organizations, with 15 of those years devoted specifically to wealth management and financial planning, I have observed the unique challenges women and entrepreneurs have in reaching their business and financial goals. In response, in 2004 I founded Carece H Slaughter, LLC, a coaching and consulting firm and developed Purpose Directed Wealth Strategies® a proprietary coaching system to meet these challenges head on with confidence.

Purpose Directed Wealth Strategies® helps you discover your unique purpose and develop your business strategies based on universal and time tested principles, while supporting your core values and personal goals. These strategies become your most valuable leadership tools by giving you clearly defined guidelines for decision-making, communication, goal setting and plan implementation. You can find out more about my coaching process here and request a complimentary coaching session.

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